Management Consulting

Our management consulting team partners with you through organizational change.


 e-VANS Management Consulting


When your company needs to change to keep up with a challenging business environment, e-VANS can help you through the process. Our senior business professionals can assist with a range of management consulting projects including strategic planning, continuous improvement projects, and business process re-engineering.


Our broad experience covers many industries, including:

  • IT / IS
  • Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Economic Development
  • Provincial / Municipal / Federal Governments
  • Agriculture
  • Pension Plans
  • Not for Profit Sector
  • Rural Development


  • e-VANS Management Consulting MethodologyOpen or Close

    Based on 40+ years of management consulting experience across many industries, we have developed the following e-VANS Change Management Methodology to identify and implement organizational change:


    e-VANS Management Consulting Change Management Flowchart


    • Mobilize Resources: During the mobilization phase, the project manager and team members are selected, approvals are obtained, and the project is initiated with the Project Charter. The Project Charter then feeds into the project planning to solidify the project scope, budget, and schedule. During the mobilization phase the Change Management – Human Resources Plan and Communication Plan are initiated.
    • Analyze the Present Mode of Operation: Present Mode of Operation (PMO) activities are summarized through process mapping and documented in a report that is presented to the executive sponsor and/or the steering committee for sign-off and strategic guidance.
    • Benchmarking: Two types of benchmarking are used to identify best in class: (1) performance benchmarking compares operational measures against a similar peer group, and (2) process benchmarking determines how the process is performed and what makes the process work.
    • Future Mode of Operation: The Future Mode of Operation (FMO) envisions and maps the new process, develops a measurement framework, and identifies improvement opportunities.
    • Implementation Plan: The Implementation Plan outlines the steps necessary to transform the process from the existing state (PMO) to the desired state (FMO).
    • Implementation: e-VANS experts will partner with you to implement the organizational change.
    • Change Management (Human Resources): In parallel to the change initiative, a Human Resources plan identifies the people requirements of the project.
    • Communication Plan: In parallel to the change initiative, a Communications Plan outlines the ongoing communication of the initiative within the organization.
  • Our Management Consulting ExperienceOpen or Close

    We have a diverse range of management consulting experience, including business process improvement, organizational change, and general consulting.


    Administrative Processes and Systems Enhancement Program


    • Systems specifications
    • Development and implementation


    MicroSystems Technology Research Initiative (MSTRI)

    University of Alberta

    • Business process analysis for technology funding program
    • Tool set upgrades: proposals, evaluations, funding agreements


    Five- Year Academic Review

    University of Alberta, Faculty of Extension

    • Project management for the Faculty's Academic Unit Review