e-VANS philosophy is to add VALUE to your organization through our collaborative and rigorous methods in all lines of business.


Our Name: At e-VANS our philosophy is embedded in our company name. Our name starts with a lower-case “e” to symbolize welcoming our clients with a friendly, cooperative approach. This letter has multiple meanings: ethical / earth / equality / electronic / efficient / effective / environment / engineering / etc. The remaining letters, VANS, represent our corporate delivery model—we provide Value Added Navigational Services. All four letters are capitalized for emphasis but carry equal significance. Value is the core service that we Add to our clients with leading-edge ideas and products. Navigation implies a long term journey as we work in partnership with our clients. Service is the glue that holds it all together—we are a consulting company providing professional services. By design, our name does not reference a specific business sector as we provide VANS for our clients across the business spectrum.


Value: Our approach is to add value through maximizing your Value Equation:

Value =
FunctionWe help you improve function by increasing productivity
  Cost        We help you identify capital or operational cost savings


At e-VANS we are your business partner, working with you to optimize your project or process and achieve the best results. We are committed to provide our services collaboratively, in a manner that represents your company’s best interests.


Mission: We are a team of knowledge brokers who help our clients identify, implement, and manage strategic projects to enhance their business outcomes. Our consultants provide value-added professional services in project management, engineering, management consulting, and value analysis. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and building partnerships with our clients to help them navigate the journey to successfully achieving their goals.


Vision: We envision a future where e-VANS is viewed as a leader in the provision of Value-Added Navigational Services, where our clients understand and value our expertise, and where our employees are proud to provide outstanding service and continue to develop to best serve the expanding requirements of our customers.