Transportation Engineering

e-VANS transportation experts help you PLAN, DESIGN, and BUILD transportation infrastructure.



Services we provide include:

  • Project and Construction Management: Our team of PMI (Project Management Institute) certified project managers can lead any phase of transportation project from planning and design through construction and testing.
  • Value Engineering Studies: We are experienced and certified in value engineering, a methodology to analyze a design or construction project to identify cost, quality, or productivity improvements.
  • Roadway Design and Construction: We provide engineering and project management expertise for urban, rural, or highway systems.
  • Transportation Planning: We can assist with many aspects of transportation planning including: traffic impact assessments (TIA); LRT planning, design, capital construction, and operations; safety audits; and functional planning.


Our team of certified project managers and value analysts add insightful expertise to your projects. Our track record includes projects ranging from $5 million to $800 million in capital.


  • Our Transportation Engineering ExperienceOpen or Close

    We have extensive expertise in many transportation projects including:

    • Traffic impact assessments
    • Roadway design and construction
    • Traffic engineering
    • LRT planning, design, construction, and operations
    • Safety audits
    • Roadway design
    • Functional planning


    Recent projects include:


    North Light Rail Transit (NLRT) Extension

    City of Edmonton

    • Preliminary engineering
    • Systems integration
    • Commissioning and testing


    South Light Rail Transit (SLRT) Extension

    City of Edmonton

    • Design and construction of two stations
    • Design and construction of the maintenance facility
    • Design and implementation of all communications systems
    • Project controls and master scheduling
    • Design and construction of all power systems
    • Systems integration
    • Commissioning and testing