Transportation Engineering Projects List

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Our Experience

We have extensive expertise in many transportation projects including:

  • Roadway design and construction
  • Traffic engineering
  • LRT planning, design, construction, commissioning, testing, operations, and maintenance
  • Functional planning

Recent projects include:

Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit – Toronto, Ontario

  • Advisory role for commissioning & testing of operating systems

Highway 63 Grade Separation – Fort McMurray, Alberta

  • Value Engineering study reviewing interchange configuration, geotechnical structures,  vertical – horizontal alignment, construction sequencing, and bridge structures 

Valley Line Southeast Light Rail Transit – Edmonton, Alberta

  • Commissioning & testing of operating systems
  • Monitor vehicle fleet certification
  • Train testing team for operations
  • Obtain Service Commencement

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Train Signal Replacement – Oakland, California

  • Managing consultant for a team of Canadian and US based subject matter experts
  • Technical and program review of submission plans to prequalify for Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) signal replacement 

North Light Rail Transit (NLRT) Extension – Edmonton, Alberta

  • Preliminary engineering
  • Systems integration
  • Commissioning and testing

South Light Rail Transit (SLRT) Extension – Edmonton, Alberta

  • Design and construction of two stations
  • Design and construction of the maintenance facility
  • Design and implementation of all communications systems
  • Project controls and master scheduling
  • Design and construction of all power systems
  • Systems integration
  • Commissioning and testing